So it begins

The first post.


Well, I am new to Booklikes but not to books.  Have been reading books since I was young.  I'd like to say as a toddler/pre-school but to be honest I can't really remember when I started.  I do remember having books around me though and still fondly remember the typical things like the Mr Men books or A Very Hungry Caterpillar and Where The Wild Things Are. 


For the first time since, 2013 saw me take a wee break from reading.  I did read but really I was too busy or too overwhelmed with other non-book stuff which just felt strange and all sorts of wrong.  Books are just part of my identity, or my psyche.  So I'm hoping 2014 will get me back on track with my reading.  Although I have been reading for 30+ years I still have a humungous TBR pile/wishlist and constantly amazed at how many books I still haven't got round to reading.  


Far too many...