New shelf: 2014 Reading List

The books I plan to read across 2014 have now been given their own shelf.  I have so many titles I want to get to but I'll start with these (I'm up to 18 planned reads so far) and add in more as I go along. 


My goal each year is usually a book a week (52 books), but the time I can set aside for reading is not as much as it used to be.  Still I managed my 30 books goal in 2013 (I've managed 37 so far with a fortnight still to go) and I think 2014 will follow the same pattern.


So the starting goal for 2014 is 30.  If I get to read more then woohoo... but we'll see how it goes.


It doesn't help that I have lots of long reads and series I consider active reads.  That always slows me down.