Reading Plans

I don't really participate in any of the reading challenges found around the internet simply because I can easily feel overwhelmed by all the rules and any deadlines for participation.  I'm funny that way.  


In saying that I have my own ongoing personal areas of focus for selecting books to be read and I will be using them again in 2014:


NLRP = Books listed in The New Lifetime Reading Plan (just because I read the book years ago and thought "hey, I wonder how long it would take me to read all of these"... 


Classics = Any title that can be considered a "classic"... in terms of age at least. (Not deliberately limiting to Western canon titles. They are just usually easier for me to get my hands on.).  Also, generally anything not already covered by the NLRP.


Reread = As well as fresh reads I like to revisit past reads. See if my thoughts about them change.

TBR Catchup = Anything else that finds itself on my TBR pile.  


What I tend to do is cycle through each category unless something specific has caught my attention, then I read that. 


Books selected for 2014  |